Things you never knew about Hankyung and Jaejoong.

1. When Hankyung first started living in Korea, because of his bad sense of direction he would frequently get lost. He said that everytime he found himself lost, he would call Jaejoong immediately and say, “Jaejoong-ah, I got lost again..” and every time Jaejoong would go to look for him right away and bring him home.

This was one of Hankyung’s greatest difficulties, and even till now (2008), he hasn’t changed much. During the time he was filming ‘Timeless’ MV, the staff already told him which directions the cameras were situated, and told him to avoid those areas, and Hankyung nodded ferverently. But when the filming started, he would end up looking towards the wrong direction, and hit his head.

Jaejoong said that if he hears that Hankyung’s “zero sense of direction” sickness hasn’t gotten better still, he’ll definitely burst out laughing, or feel really heartbroken.

2. Through language.

New to Korea, there was nothing Hankyung could do to adapt to the new environment and communicate with others at first. When it came to picking which room Hankyung would sleep in, Jaejoong was the first one to say, “Let’s use the same room.” It was Jaejoong who took the first step to teach him everything patiently, and appointed himself as Hankyung’s Korean teacher, and the two of them would always be seen at home studying with a Korean dictionary. 

Jaejoong always had an interest in the Chinese language, and also put effort into learning it. The phrase that Jaejoong speaks most fluently in Chinese is, “Are your father and mother well?”, this sentence was taught to him by Hankyung. (T/N: He still uses that these days, during JYJ activities. ;A;)

Jaejoong taught Hankyung Korean, and Hankyung taught Jaejoong how to speak Chinese. Hankyung said that clearly Jaejoong was really intelligent and was the one with the most flair for languages in DBSK.

3. Through cooking.

As all DBSK members know, Jaejoong is the best at cooking amongst them. Similar, Hankyung is the best at cooking in SJ.

The deepest memory that Hankyung remembered was when he had a fever and was sick. Jaejoong was the first out of everyone to notice that something was wrong with Hankyung, and took leave from practice and work to take care of him.

Because he was sick, he had no appetite, and would not eat anything. At this time, Jaejoong cooked Hankyung some porridge. This incident was particularly touching to Hankyung, who said that he still remembers how the porridge tasted even until now, because it gave him a feeling of ‘home’.

Jaejoong said before in his 100Q&As pre-debut that his best language was Chinese and that the country he liked the most was China. He had an interest in Chinese cuisine, and would often ask Hankyung to bring recipe books back from China.

When he couldn’t understand the Chinese written on the recipe books, he would ask Hankyung to read it to him, and the two of them would always study cooking together at home. Hankyung said that Jaejoong was really good at cooking Korean food, so whenever he had the chance, he would learn to cook Korean dishes from Jaejoong.

Although the two of them can never communicate verbally why their personalities match so well, they always carry a heart that worries for each other.

As they both began to get busier, they could not go to practice together as always, or watch shows, clean the house together or cook together as much like before, whenever they had breaks between promotions, they would call each other to ask about the other’s well-being and such. DBSK spent the whole year of 2007 and half of 2008 in Japan developing their career, and 3 years of hard work finally saw them satisfying results, and Jaejoong became extremely fluent at Japanese as well.

Through phone calls alone, they were able to feel closer to each other.

Hankyung said, Jaejoong’s humour brought him the most laughter during the low points of his life, and if he had to pick a best friend out of DBSK, it would definitely be Jaejoong.

Source: DBSK’s largest fancafe 유애루비, 모토코 님 as shared on Daum Telzone.
Translation: AllRiseXiahtic@tumblr 

;____; my DBSJYJ. I don’t know where to fit this in, but there was the part about how they would sneak out to drink from time to time, and when they get busted they would be punished by the training department to write letters to reflect. x) These alcoholics.

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