I see it. The Hyuk-Junsu friendship ring.
@1215thexiahtic: My friend Hyukjae who came to watch my musical yesterday.. Although he’s Eunhyuk nowㅋ I’m still more comfortable with Hyukjae. My friend that I have no boundaries with.. the only one in this world!! Even now, if I’m with you, it feels like I’m back to those days when I was a primary school kid who believed in Santa Claus.. I’m always sorry, and thank you..


how much do you think he hates the person who invented gwiyomi [x]

JYJ Magazine vol. 2 (July 2013)
Eunhyuk and Kikwang are celebrities who are not like celebrities. We tend to be very shy around strangers. We share a common point in that we can’t get close to people right away. When we meet amongst ourselves, we just watch TV at home and chit-chat while playing games. Because I know completely nothing about the broadcast trends these days, and how the atmosphere is like at broadcast stations, I get to hear about these things through these guys. We talk about things like which idols are popular these days, and everything down to the smallest things." - Junsu

140103 Kikwang to Eunhyuk before he went to watch Junsu’s musical

@B2stGK: @AllRiseSilver Hyung~~ I followed you~~~~ Follow me please~~~~ㅎHyungㅎㅎ I know what you’re about to go do soon hyung~~~~~^^

140103 Eunhyuk at Junsu’s Musical ‘December’ during intermission time

140103 Eunhyuk at Junsu’s Musical ‘December’ during intermission time

Hyukjae’s Cyworld on Junsu’s birthday in 2004


Comment #60 2004.12.15 22:35

Fan: There aren’t many hours left till the end of Junsu’s birthday, did you give him a good birthday bashing? Please continue to build a beautiful friendship together with Junsu in future, too^^

Lee Hyukjae: Instead of asking me if I wished Junsu happy birthday; everyone’s just asking me if I gave him a birthday bash -0- ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ How could you think of me as such a person…… I’m planning to bash him later! ㅋㅋㅋ


Comment #66 2004.12.15 22:58

Fan: Don’t bash Junsu too hard today~ Embrace him gently instead, please^^ ㅎㅎㅎ

Lee Hyukjae: I’ve always only embraced him ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Your presents were received well~ Come visit (my minihompy) again ^0^


Comment #275 2004.12.17 21:31

Fan: About what I wrote above, “Junsu’s anti-fan (Lee Hyukjae)” is just a parody that my friend and I are playing around with ><//, oppa I’ll come play again next time! Hearts~

Lee Hyukjae: I don’t play with my friend’s anti-fans~ Hohohoho

2009.12.15 Eunhyuk’s Cyworld

'Happy birthday… And I love you^^'

061215: "Saranghae Junsu-yah!"

'Actually, today, the 15th of December, is my friend's birthday. It's DBSK's Xiah Junsu's birthday today! I called him just now but he said he's going to Japan tonight because of schedules. He said he doesn't think he'll be enjoying himself like that, so everyone please give him a lot of wishes. And because it's his birthday, I would like to dedicate DBSK's “I Believe”.'

Lee Hyukjae 2005.12.15 6:47am      Mood: 

"Today is my most important friend KIM.JUN.SU’s birthday. Please send him your wishes~ ^-^ Although I couldn’t call to wish you right when the clock strikes ddaeng~ at 12 since you’re not in Korea.. I believe that my feelings have reached you well.

Because you……..
Are my loyal servant!!!!!!!!! kekekekeke

Happy birthday.”

DBSK at Super Junior’s 3rd Anniversary Party (2008.11.08)

listen to the full audio here || partial fancam here

Leeteuk: Asia’s top stars, Dong Bang Shin Ki!!

(ELF: *screams*)

Leeteuk: Everyone, aren’t they cool?! While saying that they had to be here at our fan-meeting no matter what regardless of the busy schedules they had, these guys from Dong Bang Shin Ki.. came here voluntarily. Aren’t they cool~?

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Q: "I've seen a male idol prettier than myself."
Heechul: Yes. Firstly, there's Super Junior's Sungmin!
Host: So you were thinking of Sungmin~ I was thinking of Kyuhyun...
Heechul: Eh? Do you really know the names of all our members? You're not getting confused are you?
Host: Of course~ You don't think so? Am I the only one who thinks so?
Heechul: Sungmin and JYJ's Kim Jaejoong. If I were to say Jaejoong has a somewhat haughty feminine look, resembling a fierce cat; then Sungmin's would be a feminine look resembling a fox. A really cute one.
131003 Park So Hyun's Love Game
Can you explain Chwang? Is it short for Changmin..??

it’s not short for changmin, it’s short for choikang!^^ 최강->촹
changmin’s korean fans often call him that, so does kyuhyun (: 

130925 Heechul and Jaejoong singing 임재범’s 너를 위해

bigbadboii: Our hyungs…